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Discover - Grandmama's Waffles - Annex

Monday Feb 10th, 2020


Discover - Grandmama's Waffles - Annex

Written By Wayne Bibby

I just wanted to let everyone know about a cool new spot that opened up a few months ago on Clinton, just north of Bloor called Grandmama's Waffles.  It's a cool concept - take away waffles.  It's not new in the world, as Europe has been doing it for a while according to Rhu Proudfood, owner and brainchild behind the business. 

Wayne Bibby with Rhu Proudfoot

Rhu grew up in Ottawa and then moved to Montreal where he lived for ten years prior to moving to Toronto where he has lived for nine years.  In Toronto, Rhu has worked in the film industry and at bikeshare, but when he thought about what he would really like to be doing, it was owning his own business. But why waffles? Well some of Rhu's first and best memories were of making waffles as a child.  He also loved the idea of waffles as a take away item that could be eaten on the street as you walked (although there is seating at Grandmamam's).

Waffles Not Just For Breakfast

Vegans and celiacs are in luck at Grandmama's Waffles.  They have a dedicated waffle iron for celiacs  (as in no flour ever touches this iron). Everything is lactose free as well. Rhu is also formulating a keto friendly waffle. Interestingly, one of the best stories was of the invention of the beer batter waffles.  It started at Rhu's grandparent's cottage in the Laurentians. It was the day after a rather fun party, and Rhu said he'd make waffles, but there was no milk…..  Hence beer waffles were invented and tasted great too. And he has been making them ever since.

Grandmama's Waffles

Product offering include fresh made to order waffles, ice cream sandwiches, take home frozen waffles for your family and Grandmama's famous peach iced-tea.


The space is small, but well designed and Rhu is a super friendly and loves what he does. Check out Grandmama's Waffles on Clinton, just north of Bloor.  You will be glad you did.  Ask about the "Larry Bird".

If you do make the walk down to Grandmama's, tell Rhu that Wayne sent you.

363 Clinton St.

647 781 4828


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