Loop Line Food and Wine - Annex, Toronto

Discover - Loop Line - Annex - Toronto

Thursday Nov 17th, 2022


Discover - Loop Line - Annex, Toronto

Written by: Wayne Bibby


Loop Line Wine Shop at 643 Dupont St. W. across form Loblaw's

For months I have peered across the street from the lineup at Loblaws to a very attractive black awning with the name Loop Line on it in bold sharp white letters.  It made me curious, but I was never able to find time to actually see what was in the shop…. until last week. Peeking in through the window I discovered wine, lots of wine.  They had wine from all over the world,  a small kitchen where chef Sheyla Thurler makes up some tasty small plates and Charcuterie boards to accompany the wine.


Peeking in the Window at Loop Line.

As you walk into Loop Line Wine Shop.

The Kitchen and Bar.


Me (Wayne Bibby), Sheyla Thurler (Chef) and  Kasia Kozaria (Manager)


What is with the name Loop Line?

The Christie-Dupont intersection was the turnaround area, for streetcars up until the sixties The loop that the streetcars made there was the reason behind Loop Line Lane beside the wine shop and the wine shop itself. The name Loop Line gives a fitting nod at the history of the area.

Inside, you will find a very nicely appointed shop with tasteful design and lots of wine. I had a very nice conversation with Kasia Koziara, the manager of the Loop Line.  Kasia went through the Niagara College winemaking program and then Wine and Business at George Brown, which makes her a perfect person to talk to you about your favourite wine, or ask about some wines that simply must be tried.  Kasia explained that the wine bar was started by David Feldberg and Charles Baker.  David is the CEO the furniture making company Teknion.  The unique modern looking furniture that inhabits Loop Line is from Teknion. But it was David’s love of wine that brought Charles Baker and him together to form Cru Wine Merchants about six years ago.  Charles has always been in the food and wine business and importing wine was a natural next step for him. They import unique quality wines from around the world and they are available at Loop Line.  Loop Line also carries wine from other importers and has a fabulous selection of wines ranging in price from the mid twenties to $300. While all wine in Ontario does need to go through the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.  Most of the wine found at Loop Line cannot be purchased at the LCBO.

So should you visit Loop Line?


Here are some thoughts as to why it is so great to have Loop Line in the neighbourhood.

  • When you drop your kids off at Bill Bolton Arena for their hockey practice you could slip in for a quick glass of wine and a cheese plate.
  • Date night - bring your special someone out for a romantic night out with delicious food and paired wine.  Ask your server about the wine. They will only be too happy to answer you and are well versed in using words like: terroir, acidity and body to describe your wine.
  • Boys / Girls night out.  Have a special night coming up? Get your friends together for a wine tasting right here in Seaton Village. Stags, bachelorettes, birthdays, reunions are all perfect for Loop Line.
  • Why not have your next staff meeting in the back room.  There is room for 8-12 people and even a TV in case you need to present or keep up on the Leafs game.

The back room at Loop Line - Perfect for your small gathering of friends, meeting or night out with friends.


There are lots of great options for this fun spot.  With a clean modern look, it is a comfortable place to spend some time eating, drinking and talking.  Also consider take out along with a marvelous bottle of wine!

Please enjoy responsibly.




Loop Line Wine and Food

643 Dupont St., Toronto


289 201 3564


Wayne Bibby is a local Realtor who calls Seaton Village home.




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