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What is a property worth? 

That is the most important question one can ask in real estate.  The answer is simply whatever someone will pay for it, and that varies according to market conditions which are heavily swayed by interest rates. If you a wondering the when to sell your place, in most cases the market has little to do with it.  Price tends to be tied to monthly affordability and when rates are up prices are down and vice versa. 

So when is the best time to sell?  When you need to sell, or want to sell!  If you are buying and selling in the same market, then the reduced sale price will also likely mean a reduced purchase price. The market really doesn't matter that much, unless you are leaving the market entirely.  There is a wise saying in real estate, "It's not timing the market, it is time in  the market that matters."  

Real estate over a length of time has always been a smart way to invest your money and give you a great place to live.  

If you are interested in a conversation about your real estate goals, please do not hesitate to call me or get in touch by email or text. 

With my experience and dedication, my listings have attained well over asking price. In addition, I have helped clients secure many houses in competition (even without submitting the highest offer).  I would love to help you make your real estate dreams come true.

Contact me anytime at 416-997-4285 

Wayne Bibby

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Understanding clients' needs is pivotal in real estate. I take pride in actively listening to uncover your hopes, dreams, and non-negotiables.


I contacted Wayne to sell my place as he really knows houses, and I needed someone to help figure out how to get it ready for market and sell it quickly.  He assessed the house, brought in a professional stager and helped with getting some of the repairs done through his contacts and his own efforts.  In the end, I got  over ask (and over what I had thought possible) in a down market and was thrilled with how the whole process went. I would definitely recommend Wayne to sell your house.


When we were looking to come back to Ontario from California , we wanted to get a head start on a cottage purchase so we could enjoy it that summer.  We contacted Wayne who set us up with properties that met our criteria and we ended up really liking one of the listings he sent us.  He made a trip up to the property, and we went through it on FaceTime together.  We were able to see the property and Wayne was able to guide us on many aspects of the construction and equipment in the house.  After a couple of virtual viewings and having our best friend through with Wayne, we decided to go for it .  Wayne led us through the negotiation process,  and we simply could not be more thrilled with our cottage property.

Kelty and Darren

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