Discover - Chaveta Coffee - Annex

This was first published prior to the pandemic, but I'm posting again as this is one of Seaton Village's little gems.  Julian and Michelle have created a wonderful space that has served us coffee and pasteries  even throughout the pandemic. As an additional note they have a catering side to their business now.  Ask Jullian about it.

Thanks for all of your work guys.

This is their story.


Chaveta Coffee is relatively new to the Annex, although in its short time it has made an impact on many in our community. Julian and his wife Michelle have created an amazing spot. With loads of charm and the practical location of Olive and Bathurst, Chaveta’s warmth is waiting for you. Excellent coffee in all forms can be purchased at a reasonable price. They have a selection of baked goods delivered fresh each day, and everything is always served to you with a smile.

Prior to running Chaveta, Julian was in the cigar business at La Casa del Habano in Yorkville. During his time there, Julian made many trips to Cuba and fell in love with the simple and colourful stylings of Havana. He was taken by the cafes and shops with bold colours that had time faded into culture and nostalgia. Although he didn’t know it at the time, It was that feeling that inspired, “Chaveta”. During the latter part of his time in the cigar business, he began thinking about his future and opening a shop of his own - either cigars or coffee. He decided on a coffee shop with themes from the cigar business.

Chaveta, has a couple of meanings. One meaning is “crazy”, which is what Julian and his wife Michelle thought of their idea of starting their own business, as many business owners do in the beginning. The second meaning of Chaveta is where the name came from. A chaveta is a knife used in cutting the tobacco leaf in the making of cigars. Chavetas are in their logo and represent Julian’s history with cigars. As nerve-racking as it was, the couple decided to take the plunge, and they leased the store front at Olive and Bathurst. After three months of renovations, where Michelle made decisions on the materials and styling and Julian focused on coffee, Chaveta opened on September 9, 2019.

Chaveta has proven an Annex and Seaton Village favourite.  If you haven't been in a while stop in to say hi to Julian, Michelle and staff. Great coffee served with a smile.

994 Bathurst St. Seaton Village