Buy with Bibby

When you are ready to think about BUYING

When serving all clients, my first role is as a listener.  I need to fully understand your needs before I can help you find the right house. Once that is established, we need to look at some properties together that seem to fill those needs and then continue to revise our buy plan according to the houses or condos we see and the market. It is a step by step process that I will guide you through and explain any questions that you have.

Location. Location. Location.
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With me as your buying representative, you will be set you up for success.  I will:

  • Work with you at your pace to find the right property in a way that is smooth and as stress free as possible.
  • Educate you on the market, the buying process and the house or condos themselves;
  • Discuss options and alternatives that may work in your situation;
  • Anticipate any problems that may arise and take appropriate action early;

Buying a house is not always easy, but I will do my very best to make the process smooth and stress free as possible.

Please get in touch and let me know what your ideal property looks like.  

My Job: Listen, Understand, Plan and Help You Buy