About Wayne

I am a resident of the Annex in Toronto and love all that it has to offer. The people, shops the proximity to downtown, restaurants and schools all make the Annex a wonderful place to live and work. I have two children: Sophie and Carson who enjoy the neighbourhood's parks, activities,  arena and fun shops.

I have always loved real estate: land, trees, lakes, houses, design, architecture, construction, the market, negotiation and investment. I received a BA from Western and a BEd from Western Sydney. I have a background in education and taught for many years. I know woodworking and construction via my dad, and I have been the general contractor on three significant whole house renovations. I have built my own furniture, kitchens and even boats. I have many real estate transactions behind me. I value homeownership and  real estate investing. Some people know every lyric to songs or can quote Shakespeare at will – I know houses.

In life, I aim for win-win situations, and my goal in real estate is to create a win for everyone, especially those I represent. In education, studies have shown that the relationship with the student is paramount to their success. I see real estate as being very similar – relationships are important. My relationship with clients are based on trust, hard work and complete service. Your experience buying or selling with me is stress free, smooth and flawless. I have the knowledge and understanding of houses  and the market that will give you complete confidence in working with me.  

I can’t wait to work with you. Get in touch with me today.


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